Rent equipment

Prices when renting for Party room.

(When renting a common room, all service is included.)

(All prices are exclusive of electricity and water)

When renting a common room 1100DKK pr. Day. (From 14.00 to 11.00) There is currently a supplement of DKK 400. due to the rising prices of heat.

If you need to rent for another period, we will of course find a solution!


Guests sleeping on the 1st floor 50DKK pr. person pr. Day. However, at least 1000DKK 

Linen and towels per. person 50DKK

Cleaning 2000DKK

5 armed candlesticks 20DKK pr. stage. (7 can be rented.)

Installation and light show 1000DKK

Slush ice machine 500DKK 

Draft beer plant 500DKK 

Ice cube machine 250DKK 

Rent all the equipment for 1800DKK 

If the equipment is damaged or otherwise damaged, full compensation must be paid, corresponding to the purchase of the same equipment.

Internet 200DKK pr. day.

We point out that if the police ask for information about the use of the internet, we are obliged to hand over the information to the person who has rented the premises.

Contact us for a show / inquiry by e-mail: or call tel: 51 16 16 29.

For rentals for a longer period, please contact us.