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The settlement Jyndevad consists of several buildings that are under continuous renovation. All our rooms were renovated in 2011. Over time, there will be room for many more rooms and room types.

If you are going to hold a party, course, at camp school or something else where you are many together, Bopladsen Jyndevad is the right choice. See more here Groups

In addition, there are large surrounding free areas for various leisure activities.

We look forward to welcoming you.

If you want to get out and experience the area around Bopladen Jyndevad, there are many options.

Visit the Universe and get smarter, in a fun way!

If the children need to unfold, we would recommend Mr. Scandis Funpark. The playground is only 27km from the hostel. While the kids play, mom and dad can shop in the border shop next door. The day can end with a dinner at Steak´n more.

In Tønder you can experience Denmark's oldest market town as a trading and border town. A beautiful pedestrian street with a wide selection of shops.

Løgumkloster offers an old urban environment with beautiful old houses. Løgumkloster church is a large beautiful church that is definitely worth a visit.

Aabenraa offers a lovely boat harbor, pedestrian street, bathing beach and many other exciting things.

If you go to Rømø, you can drive all the way down to the beach, ride horses at the water's edge and fly kites all day. Rømø is a lovely island,

with plenty of options for all ages.

If the weather gets hot, we can recommend Ladelund Naturbad. (Located in Germany) Here you can relatively cheaply, frolic in the water. The area around the water, is landscaped in grass. In addition, there are ball fields, kiosk and lifeguard.

Bopladsen Jyndevad

There is also the most beautiful scenery in the area. And is the obvious place for a nice free with family or friends.

Bopladsen Jyndevad